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 Khaju Art Space #248-0002 57-1 Nikaido Kamakura,Japan tel/fax +81-(0)467-23-3663

GIFTS by Artists vol.2

Khaju Art Space presents "Gift Show" as below. 17 artists including 3 German artists suggest something special for gifts.

●Dec.8th(THU)〜13th(TUE) 11:00 - 18:00
  Atelier Turtle (Craft)
  IKEGAMI Emiko (Weaving)
  INOUE Studio(Daily Goods)
  IZUISHI Makiko (Wine Selection)
  USHIO (Illustration)
  Khaju Brand (Daily Goods)
  KADOTSUJI Wakaba (Leather Craft)
  SAITO Teppei (Metal Work)
  Joy Suzuki (Glass Work)
  TANAKA Makiko (Weaving)
  NOMURA Azusa (Hat Making)
  Patisserie R (Sweets)
  MISONOI Yuko ( Japanese Sweets)
  YAMAGISHI Soutarou (Glass Beads)
YAGI Akitomo (Painting)
  Ute E.Herwig (Painting)
  Anke Meixner (Felt, Paper)
  Anja Prescher (Book Binding) 

We made a great success on Trave Art Festival 2005 !
Trave Art Festival 2005 was located in six villages along the Trave river,northern Germany. They selebrated Germany and Japane Friendship Association's 50th anniversary this summer and planed a local art event as a part of official anniversal events.Chair person of this Association,Arne Fahje offered us to join this local art event Trave Art Festival 2005.
Arne Fahje said there are many artists along the Trave river and he asked us to make up some kinds of collaborative art symposium together. Khaju Art Space organized a team of 7 members from different field to join this event as "artistic Ambassadors". We tryed to introduce living Japanese art to make a new friendship between German people.
Fortunately, as we got a lot of help we could make it up successfully. We had really valuable unforgetable time with wondeerful German local artisis and kind local villagers with making many workshops, conversations, and exhibitions.
We would like to express our appreciation to all supporters, sponsers and friends here
Now we are planning next project with the German artists in Kamakura area.Please keep your eyes on our next activity!
Click here and you can see every activity in Trave art festival !
OrClick " Crane's Weaving Room" 's blog

  ●Trave Art Festival Official Website
  ●Click the name. You can see the artist's information
    ★Esashi Tomoko ( featuring Goto Mitsuru)/ Installation

    ★Nomura Azusa / Hat making , Textile printing

    ★Joy Y. Suzuki / Glass art

    ★Misonoi Yuko / Japanese confectionary

    ★USHIO / Illustlation

    ★Tanaka Makiko / Textile art

Misonoi Yuko (Japanese Confectionary)   USHIO (Illustration)      Tanaka Makiko (Weaving)

Joy.Y.Suzuki (Glass)  Goto Mitsuru(Contempo- Art) Nomura Azusa(Hat) Esashi Tomoko (Contempo- Art)
This project is supported by Japan Foundation

We made a great success on Trave Art Festival 2005 !


Kamakura restraunt guide "Rakushoku-Nikki Book1&Book2"in store!
This couple of nice restraunt guide books are written&published by Kamakura local creaters with their actual reserching. If you'd like to find some good restraunts or cafes around Kamakura area, it will be your best bet even though written in Japanese. Shimazu Takeshi who is a pubrisher of this series has very strict eyes and tongue ,and the discription by Shimazu Kayo is very sharp and honest. Even if you can't read Japanese,you will enjoy Inoue Chiharu's pictures.

Click here,and you can see his beatiful illustlations.

    contact to   tel/fax +81-(0)467-23-3663 or

On sale !Baba Nobuko's CD.
Her beautiful of koto,Japanese harp, sound is sure to take you to another world. the CD "Kirameki-sparcling-"is not full ofJapanese traditional tunes but Chinese,or korian one and the mordern original.Click her name to check the sound.
2500 yen

Let's join to Khaju e-mailing list
Let's exchange information,talk about art,and find good friends!  Ask about it to  

We collect ad sections in our newsletter
 Since 1999,we have been publishing Khaju Newsletter 4 times a year season by season. We write our activities and local information about art ,amusments,or child reaing and so on. If you are a residents around Kamakura area and have something to advertise to local Japanese, please cotact to us.

Khaju Newsletter
[size&quantity]    A4 16pages
[circulation]      900  4 times a year
[distribution way&aera] *
mail to all Khaju friendship members (every year average 100)
*put 500-600 copies in15-20 stores,restraunts,marckets in Kamakura
*disribute at Khaju Art Space

[size of ad sections & fee]    A4  ( 150mm × 210mm ) \18,000
                A4  ( 150mm × 105mm ) \ 9,500
               A4 (  75mm × 105mm ) \ 5,000
[dead lines] the 15th Jan. / the 15th Apr. / the 15th Jul. / the 15th Oct.

[other conditions] *Khaju friendship members 10%off
*NPO activities 20%off

   ■ We accept handwritten,typescript both.
   ■ On occasion of handwriting,please write clearly with a black pen.
   ■ If you need to ask us for designning the ad, may we take opptional fee .

     More information, contact to Khaju Art Space

We always welcome your oppinions
t/f +81-(0)467-23-3663

 Event history

*2005.4Khaju Brand Summer Items Sample Show photo1
*2005.4 the 9th Khaju Spring Festival photo1   photo2  photo3
*2005.4 leather workshop Vol.1 by HITOSHI photo1   photo2
*2005.3 Workshop "What is a good architectual environment in Kamakura" photo1   photo2  photo3
*2005.3 Live painting with Bosa Nova
photo1   photo2  photo3
*2005.3 Khaju Brand Exhibit " Material for spring" photo1   photo 2  photo 3
*2005.2 Aromatherapic skin care
*2004.11〜12 PLANT'S winter collection in PLAN'S Gallery, Yokohama photo1   photo 2  photo 3
*2004.11 Chima-Chima Craft Show by 6 artists in Khaju Art Space
      photo 1  photo 2  photo 3   photo 4

*2004.10 Tanaka Makiko and Ikegami Emiko in Nihon Mingeikan Craft Competition in Mingeikan,Tokyo
*2004.10 Khaju presents " How to make up natural life style " lecture by Kawana Hideo
*2004.10 Tanaka Makiko in All Japan Weaving & Dying Craft Competition in Yokohama
Khaju Brand Exhibit " Material for autumn and winter" in Khaju Art Space
      photo1   photo 2  photo 3
*2004.9 Nomura Azusa,Tanaka Makiko,Amaco Emi -PAO-Craft Exhibit in PLANT'S Gallery,Ykohama.
      photo 1   photo 2  
*2004.8 the 8th Summer workshops

      Camp for kids  photo 1  photo 2  photo 3   photo 4
      Zori-slippers making     photo 1  photo 2  
      Bascketary  photo 1  photo 2

*2002. 7 Tanaka Makiko Textile Exhibit in at Atelier Kika
      photo 1   photo 2  photo 3
*2002. 6 2-day photography workshop
*2004. 5 Khaju Brand exhibit " We love Thai-pants " in Cafe & Bar Magokoro
*2004. 4 the 8th Khaju Spring Festival
      photo 1   photo 2  photo 3
*2004. 4 Khaju Brand Exhibit " Material for spring" in Khaju Art Space
      photo 1   photo 2  photo 3
*2004. 3  "Spring Party " - Japanese confection,Chinese Tea, potttery and textile -
       photo 1   photo 2  photo 3
*2003.12  Exhibit " Gift by artists " in Khaju Art Space

      photo 1
*2003. 9  Tanaka Makiko & Elena belltro Collaborative Exhibition in Novosibirsk ,Siberia
*2003. 8  the 7th Summer workshops

 Haircut lesson by Kasatani Koji photo 1
 Indigo tie-dye by Tanaka Makiko photo 1 photo 2
 Calligraphy on a T-shirt by Takeda Souun photo 1
*2003. 7  Khaju Brand Exhibit in Khaju Art Space
      photo 1
*2003. 5  Khaju Brand Exhibit in Cafe Cuctus
       photo 1   photo 2  photo 3
*2003. 4  the 7th Khaju spring festival
       photo 1   photo 2  photo 3
*2002.11  the6th Khaju music party in autumn at the Chamber of Commerce&Industry Hall in Kamakura.
       photo1   photo2
*2002.8〜10@ The 6th Summer& Autumn workshops
  Making instruments with gourd&bamboo by Onraku Labo photo1 photo2
  Food scketching by Inoue Chihar photo1 photo2
 Felt making 2 by Tanaka Makiko photo1 photo2

*2002. 7  Upopo workshop & Tonkori concert (Native Hokkaido Ainu's music)by Oki,Rekpo and Kiyoshi
      photo1 photo2
*2002. 7  
1day workshop of Bhutanese dying by Bhutanese weaver Mrs.Wongmo
       photo1 photo2
*2002. 6 Tanaka Makiko exhibit -color,words and fiber,all inierwoven-
       photo1 photo2

*2002. 4  the 6th Khaju spring festival
photo1 photo2  photo3
*2002. 3  the 1st spring show of brand Khaju at Kahju Art Space

       photo1 photo2
*2002. 2  1day workshop of baby shoes making by Amako Emi

       photo1 photo2

*2001.12  1day workshop of dressing KIMONO
*2001.11 the5th Khaju music party in autumn
*2001. 9  the 2nd students' concert of Andante Piano Studio at Kamakura City Hall
*2001. 8  Tom Morris & students Exhibition
       the 5th Summer workshops
*2001.7  Indonesian Batik exhibit

*2001.4  the 5th Khaju spring festival
*2001.4  trumpetter Kondo Toshinori live act at Jomyoji-Temple in Kamakura

       photo1 photo2
*2001.2  indies fasion brand Afa in Hayama by Masago Michiyo exhibit "Spring Wear"

*2000.12 Charity Concert with high school girls'singing group'Daffodils' and Hata Keiko , Zenkyu
      movie1  movie2  movie3  movie4  DownloadQuickTimeto watch these moevies
*2000.11 symposium "How do we develop/protect Japanese movie in local area?"with showing"avec mon mari"
*2000.10 the 4th Khaju music party in autumn  photo1
*2000.10 bascketary 1day workshop by Ishiguro Yoko
*2000.10 Takashima Mieko & Tanaka Makiko Exhibit At atlier KIKA in Kamakura  photo1  photo2
*2000.10 Tanaka Makiko in All Japan Weaving & Dying Craft Competition in Yokohama
*2000.9  group exhibit"Our hands'art work" in Shibuya,Tokyo :Ikegami Emiko,Tabohashi Ai

*2000.8  the 4th Summer workshops  photo1
*2000.7  Chinese Calligraphy 1day workshop by Tien Jien Ping
*2000.6  Tanaka Makiko Exhibit at Choya in Kamakura photo1  photo2 photo3
*2000.5  Flower Arrangement 1day workshop by Haga Kenji
*2000.4  the 4th  Khaju spring festival

*1999.12 Winter Gift Exhibit at Choya in Kamakura : Araki Noriko (jewely),Ikegami Emiko(weaving)、
     Inuzuka Junko(wood carving),Inoue Chiharu(illustlation),Tanaka Makiko(weaving),
Tanaka Mie(Flower),Nakado Yasuko(pottery),Nomura Azusa (textile print),Tabohashi Ai(textile print)
*1999.12 Tanaka Makiko Exhibit in Harajuku,Tokyo
*1999.11 the 1st students' concert of Andante Piano Studio at the Chamber of Commerce&Industry Hall in Kamakura.

       photo1 photo2 photo3
*1999.11 the 1st exhibit of Furuichi Ryoko's kids'art classat Kamakura City Hall

*1999.10 the 3rd Khaju music party in autumn photo1 photo2 
*1999.8 the 3rd Summer workshops  photo1 photo2 photo3
*1999.7 storyteller Kikau's special tradirional performance with sangen plyaing by Baba Nobuko
*1999.4 the 3rd  Khaju spring festival photo1 photo2 photo3
*1999.1  the 1st Tanaka Makiko waeving class exhibit at Khaju Art Space

*1998.12 BONEN-KAI  ex-JAICA members performed salsa music for charity to the victims of flood damage in
Nikaragua at Khaju .
*1998.10 the 2nd Khaju music party in autumn
*1998.9  Bossa nova afternoon
*1998.8  the 2nd Summer workshops
*1998.5  Tanaka Makiko Exhibit at Atlier KIKA in Kamakura
*1998.4  the 2nd  Khaju spring festival
*1997.11 the 1st Khaju music party in autumn

*1997.9 the 1st Khaju music party in autumn
*1997.9 movie shooting "avec mon mari" derected by Otani Kentaro  photo1 photo2 photo3
*1997.8 the 1st Summer workshops
*1997.4 the 1st  Khaju spring festival


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