The 19th Khaju Spring festival 2015

Welcome to Khaju Art Space Website

Khaju Art Space is a small cultural facility in Kamakura equipped with
dyeing and weaving areas, soundproof-piano room, and rental space.
Attracted by the warm and special power of this 80-year-old Japanese house,
creators have come together one by one to provide an energetic atmosphere

for all participants. .
Let us show you some of our activities.

Organizer Tanaka Makiko

*Our web site is a great opportunity to introduce you
to one of our many Japanese customs.
When a person's name is written or spoken,
his/her family name is followed by the first name.
This format is used throughout our web site.

Special thanks to Ogawa Nao and Leesa Gawlik. We couldn't make our English website without their help. Makiko

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