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  Koto & Sangen,traditional instruments   

instructor : Baba Nobuko →check the artist!
Koto is a Japanese traditional instrument which was once held great importance
to the upper class. You can learn a sense of art and Japanese culture through
playing this instrument. Be touched by the beauty of the sensitive Koto sound.
Sangen(Shamisen)is also one of the traditional strings. You will be impressed with its profound taste by only three strings.
You can also receive a license if you wish.

< Class schedule>
Regardless of beginners or the advanced you can choose group lesson or private lesson. Lessons are twice or three times a month (depending on the class)
on Saturdays. on Saturdays.
Anyone, from kindergarten kids to adults of all ages are welcome.

<Instructor is a representative of Koto Kunsin-kai>
- Finished postgraduate course at Tokyo National University with a Fine Art
and Music,M.A.
- Played in more than 20 countries. Performed during the first concert for
peace in Croatia after the War.
- Played at the Royal Palace in Japan. Performed as a leader of the reception
group when President Gorbachov came to Japan.

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tel&fax +81-(0)467-23-3663


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