Art Gallery in Khaju カジュに集う作家たち

USHIO (山口 潮)
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"solw slow"

" teku teku"

For expression of 'shape of life'...
Born in 1975 in Yokosuka city,Kanagawa prefecture.
An illustrator who leads people to the warm world in rich hue and filled with unique living things. Grew up under the influence of painter father, with feeling she would become a painter. After graduation from high school she studied bacics of drawing and painting at art institute. In 1996 she traveled to small villages of Thai ethnic minorities.They impressed her with their natural and strong life style and this experience made her deside to express 'Connection to Nature' ' Shape of Life' with her painting brushes.
[Exhibits and activities]
2001 - Began to make exhibits and presentations in some design festivals and art markets.
2003 -
Designed the CD jacket 'TASHACOR' which was released as a charity for street children in Afganistan.
- Published original post card set "halohalo" and made up a first solo show in Yokohama as a promotion .

2004 - Group show at Gallery Inter Natural Garden PLANT'S
    - During the show she made a live painting performance "TIGAORANG"with music unit 'BAKU'. Later this live recording pressed into CD and she designed the jacket and wrote poetic liner notes in it.