Art Gallery in Khaju カジュに集う作家たち

Tanaka Makiko

The old way,left on me

Earthy wind on the sands
(silk,wool and cotton)

'Cause the moon is up

Just letting the material speak
I'd like to continue my work at my own habitant, listening to the material and moving my hands. I don't limit the style in which I work, thereby making a new point of communication, for example, by collaborating with other artists in different fields.
[ profile]
1965 Born       
1988 Graduated from Women's College of Fine Art-weaving craft

1991-94 Teaching asistant of Women's College of Fine Art

1997- Organize Khaju Art Space

[work history]
1990-93 Selected for the competition by Kokuga-kai in
Ueno,Tokyo Art Musium
1990 Exhibition, TEXTILE1990 in Kamakura
1998 Collaborated in the productionof the movie, "avec mon mari'',filmed at Khaju Art Space.
1996 to Present  Exhibition once or twice a year.

2000 Won the Incentive Prize at All Japan Silk Textile Conpetition.