Art Gallery in Khaju カジュに集う作家たち

Hata Shu


Cafe Cuctas in Omachi,Kamakura

Stationery shop in Yokohama 1

Stationery shop in Yokohama 2

Ishiwata family's house in Zushi

House is made by time
Don't 'buy' a house when you can make one. I like to create houses taking into consideration the balance of design, function, cost and effect. The prime time of a house is not when it is build. A house grows while people live in it. The building that houses Khaju Art Space contains a great deal of wisdom beneath its surface. We can learn many things from the former inhabitants of the days gone by if we take the time to listen and feel their presence.

1967 B
1988 Graduated from Bunka Academy architectual major.
A class-1 qualified architect
1995- Opened Hata Syu Architectual Office in Kamakura

[work history]
1995- Designed and direcred interior of a stationery shop "Paper
Park "in Yokohama. Designed and directed exterior of Cafe Cactus in Kamakura.Designed and directed residence of Ishiwata
1997- Advisor of Khaju Art Space