Art Gallery in Khaju カジュに集う作家たち

Joy y.Suzuki

Put is in use...
Hot molten glass has a life of its' own. The intrigue, wonder and
pleasure I felt during my first attempts some 17 years ago remains virtually unchanged every time I am in the studio. I must admit that it is this process that I enjoy most, more than the finished product.
But it is also very satisfying in another way, to hear that someone is enjoying using a vessel. For I believe it is just that...for someone to put it in use....for it to be completed.

1989-90 first studied glassblowing at SF State University - California, USA

1991-93 assistant to Makoto Ito and Yoko Kuramoto - Yamanashi
1993-present independent glassblower - Kamakura
2/2001 artist in residence with Yoko Hirosawa - Kurashiki University of Arts and Sciences

[work history]
1993-present various solo and group exhibitions - Japan
2005 "Senses of the Inner, Japanese Contemporary Glass" group
exhibition - Habatat Gallery/Chicago, USA
1997 "Made In Japan" group exhibition - Glasmuseum/Ebeltoft, Denmark