Art Gallery in Khaju カジュに集う作家たち

Inoue Chiharu (井上 智陽)
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Calender designed by Inoue

(paper craft)

handdrawn postcard
-stripe-tripe fish series-

"Kamakura restraunt guidebook1 &2"

Expressions of enthusiam
I want to try anything fun and it doesn't have to be related to designing or illustration. Since I moved with my family to Kamakura, I've had it in my mind to make something that comes from directly from our lives. I'm thankful for people, the ocean and mountains. Therefore, I want to interact and exchange energy with those I meet, trying to create something exciting.
[ profile]
1963 Born    
1985-Worked at design production
1995 Became independent . established Inoue Chiharu Illustration


[work history]
1987- Participated in planning for toys in some magazines.
1998- Art instructor at Fuji Aiiku En nursery school.
1999 Began serial illustration page in Khaju newsletters
1999-Instructor for craft workshops at Khaju Art Space.