Art Gallery in Khaju カジュに集う作家たち

Ikegami Emiko

colth for wear"A sign of autumn coming"
(Sashiko weave natural dyed silk,linen and cotton)

tapestry"Cool wind in summer"
(Ikat weave ,natural dyed silk and linen)

Table runner and purses(Indigo and natural dyed cotton))

Enjoy weaving and using
材I always try to listen to the voice of each material and to feel the rythmof nature when I weave. Each step of the process gives me happy time.
Thruogh weaving,I'd like to tell what a wonderful time we could have with hand woven cloths.That's my message.
Born in Tokyo.
1997 Began to study weaving and dyeing at Tanaka Makiko Studio in
Khaju Artspace.
1999 Began working as an assistant of Tanaka Makiko Studio.

[work histry]
1999 Group exhibition in Shibuya, Tokyo . 9 artisans' Christmas gift exhibit inKamakura
2002 Christmas exhibit at Gallery KIKA in Kamakura.
2001-Designer of"Khaju" brand