Art Gallery in Khaju カジュに集う作家たち

Hata Keiko

recital of Andante Piano Studio

piano trio, Ensemble FIORITURA

Playing with Baba Nobuko,Koto player at Khaju art space

Accepting oneself
My mother forced me to learn piano because as a child I was shy and a crybaby. It feels a bit strange that as an adult, I'm still playing the piano. My goal is only to make listeners feel at peace or entertained. I'd like to help others develop a longtime friendship with the piano.

1964 Born     
1986 Graduated from Toho University Piano Department
1997 Began teaching at Andante Piano Studio in Khaju Art Space

[work history]
1986- Organized a piano trio, Ensemble FIORITURA
    Held concerts in Tokyo
    Held maternity concerts with a flutist Hisako Yoshikawa.
    Held concerts at hospitals.
1997- Autumn concert with Koto player Baba Nobuko at Khaju Art

    Space every year.
1999&2001  Held a recital of Andante Piano Studio