Art Gallery in Khaju カジュに集う作家たち

Takahashi Caori

Tapisrtry"Song of Shell」
(wild silk dyed pale blue with indigo plant、hemp、shells)
15cm×30cm ¥8,000

Bag in traditional weaving tecnique'ukiori'
"feel the wind from spring hills"
27cm×23cm ¥5,000

Hanging vace cover(wild hemp、glass pieces from Shonan beach)
10cm×13cm ¥4,500

Free mind and natural thinking
Weaving and dyeing are techniques which allow me to explore my main interest - handling natural materials. My pleasure comes from extracting the beauty, warmth and gentle qualities of the natural materials through the weaving process, rather than perfecting the weaving technique. The materials themselves guide my hands.

1969 Born in Yokosuka,Japan.
1999 Began to study weaving and dyeing at Tanaka Makiko Studio in

Khaju Artspace.
2000 Began working as an assistant of Tanaka Makiko Studio.

[work histry]
2002 First exhibit "Song of Beach" at Gallery NIRAI KANAI in Zushi.
2001-Designer of"Khaju" brand