Art Gallery in Khaju カジュに集う作家たち

Itoh Yoriko

The Breeze of Blue Mountain

Polar Bear


My dear Teddy Bear
All processes of making stuffed animals in the shpe of "bear" start from one piece of cloth. Thoughout each stepof the process, I can't help feeling that the cloth is becoming something like "living character". I don't conciously make them. They are simply born. I enjoy expressing myself through the Teddy Bear,making it form various kinds of materials.I want to continue making Teddy Bears throughout my whole life while to introducing everyone to the delightful process of making them.

[work history]
 Began making Teddy Bears.  
 Joined several kinds of craft festivals/conventions to exhibit
her work.
 Exhibit at Spiral Hall in Aoyama,Tokyo Teddy Bear Contest "20century's social conditions of Teddy" at Takashimaya Department Store in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
 Won the prize of Japan Teddy Bear Association in the 9th Japan Teddy Bear convention Contest
 Taught worhshop at Khaju Art Space

Teach in Yuigahama,Kamakura